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mold modification

As a professional plastic mold company, during mold manufacturing, we normally have some requirement for mold modification, this is a very common issue when we manufacture molds for our customer, below is a step that how to handle this modification in our mod companymold modification

  1. When we receive a request for modification from our customer. After that, we analyze the requested modification, which must be done at least within the same day as the files have been received or latest the morning after if the files have been received in the afternoon. It is important to create a clear illustration of the modification (ppt file to list the modification items) for internal communication with our team and with customers. Note since that part drawing that is not approved for production so we cannot save to our database.
  2. We need to send this modification illustration to our mold shop manager, responsible Quotation Engineer.
  3. The mold production manager then checks out, at least within the same day, Together with the mold master to decide how long time that is required for the modification. We will specify one shortest possible lead-time and one maximum time required. Because sometimes the customer is very busy or maybe not so hurry.
  4. The Quotation Engineer then prepares an offer as soon as possible. This shall be done latest within the same day as he/she receives the working steps and lead-times from the mold manufacturing department. The offer should include the offered price and the minimum and maximum lead-time. Once ready with the offer the Quotation Engineer sends the offer to project manager, then the project manager directly sends to customers.
  5. Once the customer approves the concerned modification the Project manager will use the new valid part drawing is saved into our database and inform the mold design department to update the tool drawing immediately. Another thing that must be controlled by the Project manager is that the promised lead-time will be fulfilled. Send an email to production department or mold shop manager. That will make it easy for the mold shop manager to keep control of the lead-times.
  6. After the modification finished, new mold trial is needed, after mold trial and check the modification is done according to the new drawing, then send the new samples to customers, during the same time update the measurement report and send to customer as well.

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Compare the superiority of major mould manufacturing countries

The world’s major mold manufacturing countries, including the Asian region: Japan, South Korea and mainland China, as well as the United States & Germany, this article will induce different countries in mold industry and comparative analysis of national competitiveness and the strength of our differences.

1, mold industrial status in different countries

Countries in the world’s major manufacturing and marketing area, China has the largest number of plastic mold companies, nearly seven times as state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises account to run the large-scale mold factory and employs approximately 600 ~ 700 people, Foxconn Hon Hai Group (Foxconn) employs nearly 6,00000 people, mold factory is between 150 to 300, small mold factory about 50 people, other countries mold industry have much more small factories, Applications market, Japan, South Korea, the United States and Germany produce the largest proportion for automobile products, while China produces electronics and communications products and mold.

In accordance with 2002 national research report, Japan, South Korea and Germany, mold is a strong quasi-surplus goods, the China mainland and the United States mold due to domestic demand in large markets and are unable to complete the supply of domestic firms and required by the import of mold in order to meet downstream market of products manufacturing, , import and export of the region are mostly in neighboring countries, while Japan exported more remarkable region in the U.S. mainly, but mainland China in recent years due to the rapid development of downstream industries, mainland China has been gradually turned to expanding market trends

Wage countries, according to 2002 white paper on the findings of the mold industry, Germany paid the highest salaries of technical staff for $ 12.13 ~ $ 19.28 per hour, the designer is $ 16.91 ~ $ 25.26, between Japan and the United States, the mold factory pay the lowest-paid technicians annual salary of only $ 732 ~ $ 5,853, the designer is only $ 2,927 ~ $ 5,853, China low wage costs have so great advantage

2, analysis of national strengths and weaknesses Technologically advanced countries such as Japan, the United States, Germany, for high-precision and complex nature of mold development, regardless of design capacity or manufacturing technology, have a leading position, but also have excellent R & D personnel practice. The Japanese mould maker emphasis on technically polished with the polishing process, the German mold manufacturers by enhancing mechanical processing and electrical discharge machining precision and efficiency begin to reduce the manual processing time. Market size regardless of value or domestic demand in Japan’s decline was most evident. Operating costs are often faced with high wages, high benefits, so the downstream industries or mold makers to move production facilities to gradually close to the newly industrialized countries or technological backward countries, in order to reduce labour costs and enhance price competitiveness, but the trend is likely to cause technical invisible exodus worries, making themselves, even more, to be put in a large research and development costs in order to speed up the upgrading process technology and high-speed mechanical properties, widening the difference between each other. Taiwan, Korea and mainland China, South Korea and mainland China market in recent years, the scale of production and demand are presented growing trend, particularly in mainland China mould industry is the rapid development of national brand name manufacturers stationed in production equipment, invisible mold development to enhance the strength and design capabilities. Costs, mainland China and South Korea because it has a relatively low labour cost advantage, and therefore the selling price for the mold, often take low-cost marketing to market, and thus poor global economic situation, the successful buyer to grab the market favour, the most obvious example of the gains in export value.

3, the conclusion On the whole, as countries mould industry, and many types of small business operations, therefore, operating on a regular fund-raising is difficulty, in the absence of government policy support and tax incentives in the formation of mold industry will go it alone with the situation alone, the only way is increasing the additional value of products in order to get rid of low-cost competition.

How To Be A Successful Plastic Mold Company

Always I got auction notices in private email inbox and staring at the photographs of the shops that are going out of business, you were wondering: What does it turn to be a perfect plastic mold company or plastic injection molding manufacturer?plastic mold company

Many of the auction photographs reveal some of the best state-of-the-art equipment, such as high-speed and precision CNC machine and manufacture tools, the use life of injection molding machines is less than five years old, vision quality systems(projector), CMMs, everything it gets- or so it looks – to make for a successful mold business. Yet, there it all is – listed for auction. So what does it cause? Evidently, it takes more than the latest, greatest, state-of-the-art equipment. After all, anyone with money can buy the best equipment. one China injection mold expert, informal survey get out a few answers: Money, Money…….. one-China plastic mold company’s owner said, “Money- and that’s also my final answer.” of course, that is True, if a China plastic mold factory spend a lot of money to buy the best machine and for day by day maintenance expenses.

But except for the money, it also causes a business plan. China plastic mold companies make money by making the right business with the right customers – preferable customers who pay their bills for the China plastic injection mold companies. Above all, China plastic injection mold companies that run under the best machine, which causes them to have the ability to finish the job well. That let one plastic injection mold maker respond, “No financial sense.” Plastic Injection Mold and molding manufacturer owners have become a much more business-savvy lot over the past decades, and that’s a good phenomenon, maybe there is another answer besides money “professional, talented toolmaker” because only the professional toolmaker can maximize the equipment’s capabilities. That’s what China plastic injection mold maker replied besides “lots of money.” Toolmaker is the heart of any China plastic injection mold manufacturer. The molds can get shipped out from the back door are only as good as the people on the production floor.

Maybe next time if I get an auction flyer for a plastic injection mold or metal manufacturer shop in my e-mail inbox, and I think about the reason, using all this advanced equipment, did this plastic injection run out of normal business, I’ll never forget what one china mold maker gave as his answer to what it causes to be successful-” a love of injection mold making.” Perhaps in addition to money, business savvy, having the right customers for the right job, financial know-how, and state-of-the-art machine, the bottom line for success is as simple as a love of mold making or plastic injection molding.

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