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4 05, 2021

What is overmolding and 2k injection molding

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There are very similar between plastic overmolding and 2k injection molding, simply explain there is two point difference.

1, Plastic overmolding is using normal single nozzle injection molding machine to produce the two different type of plastic parts in one ( or two different color of plastic parts in one solid part), overmolded process means move the first part (substrate part) or melt inserts (insert molding) to the subsequent mold (over mold) and molding to get the final part.
2K injection molding is using the 2K injection molding machine to produce two or three materials (colors) in one solid part, molding process is complex but fast, efficient, and high quality, 2k molding unit cost is less […]

4 05, 2021

Plastic Molding Technology

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Plastic molding technologyPlastic molding technology continues evolving with the market and with the advances in science. Plastic molding is the process used in producing plastic components for a variety of industries.

When plastic resin materials are heated the resin will flow, and can then be injected into a mold. A plastic mold consists of two halves referred to as the “A” side (cavity side) and the “B” side (core side). The “A” side is where the molten plastic enters the mold, and the “B” side contains the ejector system which removes the parts from the mold.

Plastic Molding Includes Many Terms and Components

Plastic molds are required […]

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