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Polycarbonate injection molding

What is a Polycarbonate (PC) Injection Moulding?

PC injection molding is injection molding part which made in PC (Polycarbonates) material, Polycarbonates (PC) is an amorphous thermoplastic. These polymers allow transmission of light; like as in a glass. An important feature is that they can be heated to their melting point, cooled and heated again without degrading itself. As PC can liquify, you can undertake injection moulding. They are resistant to heat and can be used with flame retardant materials also, the molding parts made in Polycarbonate which we called Polycarbonate injection moulding.Polycarbonate Injection Moulding

Uses of Polycarbonate (PC)

They are an absolute necessity when there is you need to impact resistance and transparency. PC (Polycarbonate)
can be used across multiple industries. They are primarily used in different medical devices, digital compact disks, protective gear, eyewear, and much more.
It is finding use with security agencies for mob control and finds its way into materials for protective visors and riot shields.
PC (Polycarbonate) finds use in your car. Being flexible and heat resistant, PC (Polycarbonate) is located in the internal focal points; radiator flame broils, entryway handles, and front light bezels.
Polycarbonate is also used in making nurseries and greenhouses. It is UV resistant, allowing in the sun rays but not allowing the UV rays.

What is PC Injection Molding?

It is a manufacturing process to produce objects by inserting the molten PC (Polycarbonate) into a mould. Usually, the melt temperature for PC material is between 270-320 degrees Celsius. It may decompose at high temperatures and cause defects like bubbles, black spots, etc. Typically, the injection pressure is controlled between 80 and 120 MPa.

Mould release agents should not be applied in polycarbonate moulds during this activity. The application of recycled materials cannot be more than three times, with application quantity limited at around 20%. or no recycled material for the high polishing injection molding parts.

Applications of PC injection molding parts

There are many industries that use PC injection molding parts, below are some of common industry which use PC injection molding parts a lot:

  • Producing a variety of vehicle components, including dashboard panels, interior trim, and headlight lenses, is one of the main uses of PC injection molding. PCs are perfect for these applications because of their excellent impact tolerance.
  • Manufacturing a range of electronic components, such as housings for laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices, is another significant usage for PC injection molding. Because PCs can shield delicate electronic components from heat and fire damage, their heat resistant and flame retardant qualities make them perfect for these applications.
  • Numerous medical equipment and devices are made using PC injection molding. Syringes, IV connectors, and surgical equipment are among the many items made using polycarbonate. PC is perfect for these applications because of its sterilizability and biocompatibility, which allow it to be utilized in medical settings without running the risk of infection.
  • Toys, sporting goods, and home appliances are just a few of the items produced in the consumer goods sector using PC injection molding. Because it is so easily molded into intricate shapes and designs, polycarbonate is a popular material choice for these kinds of applications due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of PC Injection Molding

The benefits arise from the type of material that is moulded to give the end-product. The benefits of polyurethane molding come from the characteristics of polycarbonates that are used in the process.
Easy to make. PC is lightweight but durable making installation so easy. You can even cut them with scissors, if necessary.
Versatile. You can be creative with the structures. You can easily shape igloos out of it. Go ahead with those fancy shapes in your mind.
Resistant to impact. You are worried about breakage. The material can resist rain, hail, and storms. It is resistant to flames and does not emit toxic gases when on fire.
Protects against harmful UV. They keep out the harmful radiation. They do not let the harmful rays into the glasshouses that are made of these materials.
Meager costs. These materials are easy to carry and handle. You do not have to bear high handling costs and labor.

Disadvantages of Polycarbonate injection molding.

Toxicity. They are known to release Bisphenol A (BPA) during degradation. You need to make them BPA-free.
Chemical resistance. It has sensitive to chemicals. It deteriorates when exposed to organic solvents. They are very sensitive to abrasive cleaners, cleaning products, and solutions.
Durability. It is prone to absorb odors and stress cracking.
Flow marks. If you are making high polishing plastic injection molding parts or transparent injection molding parts by use Polycarbonate, the flow mark could the number one important issue that you need to prevent in advance, as professional plastic mold company and expert in this type of material, gate design and cooling design is the most important thing to solve those issue.
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