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thin wall plastic molding

What is thin wall injection molding

 Thin wall injection molding, means to create plastic components with extremely thin walls, an injection molding process. Using this method, thin wall items may be made that are both lightweight and inexpensive; these goods find widespread application in fields including medical equipment, packaging, and drones.

The utilization of high-speed injection molding machines is crucial for thin wall injection molding since these machines can create components with wall thicknesses as thin as 0.2mm. A thin-walled part can be rapidly and easily made using these high-speed molding machines and their high-pressure injection systems. The type of material used to make the part determines how long it takes to create the part.

Sincere Tech offers thin wall injection molding manufacturing, our company has made some thin wall injection molding and multiple cavity molds, such as cosmetics injection molding twenty-four cavity molds, eight-six multiple cavity molds, etc. If you have a project that needs thin-walled plastic mold or molding services, you have come to the right place. We will solve your issue here and make your project 100% successful.

Thin wall injection molding is rising in status as material costs continue to rise and delivery lead times are squeezed. Thin wall plastic molding provides the chance to decrease material part costs and raise production output via quicker cycle times.

thin wall molding

thin wall molding

This trend is taking place in all kinds of injection molding industries, such as packaging, automotive, medical, electronics, mobile communications, optical, and computing tools.

Making thin wall injection molding is not easy; you cannot use the normal machine and process; you need to make a precision mold and use a high precision and high-speed injection molding machine.

Advantages of thin wall injection molding parts

Thin wall injection molding parts have many advantages, which is listed below:

One of the primary advantages of thin wall injection molding parts is that they can save on molding materials, especially when using plastic parts such as food package boxes. By using less material to create thinner walls for food packing boxes or other medical devices, manufacturers can significantly decrease the overall cost of production. This not only saves money on raw materials but also saves resources for the world market.

The faster production rate of thin wall injection molded items is an additional benefit. Parts can be made more quickly because thinner walls cool and solidify more quickly than thicker barriers. As a result, producers may be able to meet strict deadlines and react swiftly to fluctuations in demand. This may also result in higher productivity and shorter lead times. Additionally, as less time and energy are needed to make each part, the higher manufacturing speed may also lead to cost savings.

Another advantage of thin wall injection molding parts is the increased speed of production. Because thinner walls cool and solidify more quickly than thicker walls, parts can be produced at a faster rate. This can lead to increased productivity and shorter lead times, allowing manufacturers to meet tight deadlines and respond quickly to changes in demand. Additionally, the faster production speed can also result in cost savings, as less time and energy are required to produce each part.

Reducing wall thickness is the key to making lighter parts and better production outputs. A thinner wall section permits a shorter cooling time and cycle time.

Challenges of thin-wall injection molding

High capital investment

This thin wall injection molding needs injection molding machines that have the capability to produce high injection speeds and high injection forces, are repeatable, and are rigid enough to be reliable for the long term. These machines are costly.

Similarly, the injection mold must be powerful enough to withstand high cavity forces, production rates, and clamp tonnages.

A perfect mold design should be considered since this thin wall injection mold will be running so fast that the cycle time sometimes will meet 4s. High-quality mold design and mold manufacturing will be the key points to the success of the thin wall molding; otherwise, the mold will be broken very soon.

The mold cooling system design must be optimized so that heat is extracted quickly. Just having a thin wall on a part is not sufficient to get quick cycle times. Below are some thin wall injection mold projects we have made before. If you have a project ready to make thin wall mold or molding, contact us to get a price.

Steep learning curve

Thin wall injection molding needs high-technology molding machines that have a multitude of control functions. Learning about the machine and all of its workings will permit you to get the most out of it.

What is more, process parameters play an important role in successful thin wall molding. To produce standard parts, the process needs to be fine-tuned, as the operating window for parameter settings is extremely narrow. Some parts need injection times of 0.1 second, and any variation in this time will cause part standard issues such as short shots or flashing. Parts with thicker wall sections have a much bigger operating window and are simpler to mold.

Generally, robots are used to get rid of and stack parts in thin wall molding. This is mainly common in thin-wall food packaging containers. Medical injection molding, cosmetic injection molding parts, etc. Learning how to use the robot correctly is another area that must be mastered. Because molds of thin parts are made with an extremely tight tolerance, mold maintenance needs to be performed daily. Any buildup of residue across the venting surfaces will result in parts-standard problems, mainly multi-cavity molds.

Hot runner systems in thin-wall injection molding

When we make thin wall injection molds, basically we will make multiple cavity molds—maybe 4 cavities, 8 cavities, or even 86 cavities, etc. To reach the short cycle time, we need to use hot-runner systems for the mold. Since it is multiple cavity mold and thin wall parts, we need to use a high-precision hot runner as well to make sure that the injection filling status is 95% balanced for each cavity. If the filling is not balanced, some of the parts will have flashes and some of the parts will have short shots.

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Our top priority is quality, so in order to ensure that the molds we make are of the highest caliber, we will measure all of the mold’s electrodes, components, and finished molding parts using a CMM measuring machine to ensure that all dimensions are within tolerance. We will also test the materials and parts’ functionality to ensure that the finished product will satisfy your needs.

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Our expanded capabilities include:

  1. Rapid Prototyping: We offer rapid prototyping services (3D printing or CNC machining prototypes) to quickly transform your rough design into useable prototypes, and testing, redesign suggestion etc.
  2. Precision CNC machining: Our advanced CNC machines enable us to create high-quality mold components with tight tolerances, this will ensure currently tolerance and precision in the injection-molded products.
  3. Overmolding: We make overmolding for some handle tools, some of overmoling are used in the die casting molds as well, contact for quote for your overmolding project.
  4. Insert Molding: insert molding is similar to overmolding but will be little different, insert molding normally use metal parts as substrate and overmolding use plastic part as substrate.
  5. Two-Shot Molding: With two-shot molding, we can produce complex, multi-material components in a single operation, reducing assembly requirements and enhancing design possibilities. Two shot molding is more complex than insert molding or overmolding, and two shot molding requires two shot injection molding machine.
  6. Value-Added Services: In addition to injection molding, die casting, and machining, we offer a range of value-added services, including product silk-screen, painting, assembly, testing, certificate, packaging, and logistics support, streamlining your supply chain and reducing costs.

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