How much does Plastic injection moulding cost?

The most commonly asked question in the molding industry is, “How much the plastic injection moulding cost“? Well, the answer to this question largely depends on several factors, especially for the fact that plastic mold production has the highest upfront cost in all of the injection molding types

Plastic Injection Moulding CostTo many who have had the same question and can’t seem to get the right answer, you bumped into the right content. This post will go into the depths explaining the variables determining the cost of plastic injection moulding cost and the price for making the plastic molding parts. By tackling the underlying factors, it will be easy to estimate the expected cost. Let’s get to it!

Number of Cavities and volume of your mold

There is a close correlation between the number of cavities in your mold and their cost. If the mold has a high number of cavities, it means more time is needed for manufacturing it, and additional tooling has to be done. The lower the number of cavities in each mold, the lower the pressing time, and the lower the opening cost of manufacturing for each mold.

Part Design Complexity

For a more intricate part design, the resulting mold will be as complex as the part, and this will increase the plastic mold cost. Choosing a less complex part design could cut on your cost quite significantly. However, it is important to put in mind the factors that determine design complexity. These could include, surface finishing, fine detailing, undercuts to be used, among others. You can always seek expert advice to help you choose a design that won’t eat into your budget unnecessarily.

Resin Choice Consideration

There are a number of variables that will influence the cost of plastic injection molding based on the resin choice you use. Ranging from the quantity, grade, resin availability to whether the resin requires extreme molding temperatures, all these will affect the overall upfront cost. For example, if the resin will be found to have abrasive materials like glass or minerals, the cost of mold maintenance will be affected.

Type of plastic part material

This would seem to be an easy consideration like we are talking of plastic injection molding, so we only need plastic parts so that you may say. But there are innumerable plastic types in the likes of PP, PS, PET, PVC, HDPE, just to mention but a few. Each type comes with different prices depending on the material and part size. For large parts, similar large molds and additional material will be needed, and besides, the time taken for machining will be affected. All these variables will impact the overall quote of plastic injection molding.

What will be the cost of making plastic injection moulding parts?

There are many factors that can effect to the plastic injection moulding cost. These factors include the part features, part weight and part size, the type of plastic resin, the volume of parts being produced each time, and the yearly production volume. Each of these factors can be impact to the plastic injection molding cost, and will effect the injection mold cost as well.

The part geometry is one of the primary factors that can affect the plastic injection moulding cost, because this will increase the initial mold cost. Part with tight tolerances, or complex geometries that require more time and more machining cost to produce, resulting in higher production costs. Additionally, parts that require special features such as undercuts, threads, or inserts will also increase the mold cost of manufacturing.

The size and weight of the part can also impact the plastic injection moulding cost. Larger  size of parts requires more plastic material, longer cycle times and big tonnage of  injection mold machine, which can increase the overall production costs. Additionally, larger part size requires larger mold size, this will increase the mold manufacturing cost as well.

The type of plastic material used  for plastic injection molding parts can also influence the cost of production. Different types of plastics have different costs, with some materials being more expensive than others. Additionally, some special material maybe 5-10 time more cost the normal plastic material, so choose the material is important to save the overall injection molding cost.

The number of parts being produced and the production volume are also important factors to consider when determining the cost of plastic injection molding. Producing a small batch of parts may be more expensive on a per-unit basis than producing a larger volume of parts. Additionally, larger production volumes may allow for economies of scale, resulting in lower production costs per part.

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Injection molding cost

How Much Does Injection Molding Cost?

Injection molding is a widely used manufacturing process that involves injecting molten material into a mold cavity to create complex and precise parts. if you need injection molding parts, it’s crucial to understand the mold and injection molding cost. By gaining insights into the factors that influence injection molding cost and implementing effective cost reduction strategies, businesses can optimize their production and maximize profitability.

Plastic Injection Molding Cost

Plastic Injection Molding Cost

If you are looking for the plastic molding parts for your new project, I believe the most important thing you want to know what will be the cost for the plastic mold and injection molding parts. Because all of this cost will affect your project going smoothly and successful or failure. To carefully check this before you are running a new project, if the project fails you will lose lots of money and time.

Let me give you some idea to help you understand plastic mold and plastic injection molding cost, this will save your time for your new development products.

The other easy way to understand those costs for your new project will be sending us your 3D part design or sample pictures, and tell us your requirements, like material for each part? Estimate the number of parts per time? Any special surface requirement to the visible surface?

We will send you the best competitive price for mold and unit injection molding part, we could offer injection mold cost as low as $500, injection molding part cost as low as $0.005, you could have this as a reference for your product and market research, welcome to contact us by [email protected]

Plastic Injection Molding Cost Guiding Tips

There are meanly four parts of cost for injection molding: Plastic Material Cost, Molding Production Cost, Plastic Mold Cost, Part Color Cost, Packing Cost, let us explain those four mean costs one by one.

Plastic Material Cost

First, the plastic raw material cost will effect the plastic injection molding cost, it is determined by the weight of material that is required and the unit price of that material. The weight of the material is a result of the part volume and material density; however, the part’s maximum wall thickness can also play a role. The weight of material that is required includes the material that fills the channels of the mold.

The size of those channels, and hence the amount of raw material, is largely determined by the thickness of the part design, the selection of the material affects the unit injection molding part price as well, a different type of plastic material has a different price, for example, price for PP injection molding material is a totally different than ABS injection molding material, so the material cost for plastic molded product includes two parts, one is the weight of the material, one is the type of material for the plastic molding part.

Injection molding materials

Injection Molding Processing cost

Second, the injection molding machine process cost will effect the plastic injection molding cost, it is primarily calculated from the hourly rate and the cycle time. The hourly rate is proportional to the tonnonage of the injection moulding machine being used, so it is important to understand how the part design affects molding machine selection. Injection molding machines are typically referred to by the tonnage of the clamping force they provide.

The required clamping force is determined by the projected area of the part and the pressure with which the material is injected. Therefore, a larger part will require a larger clamping force, and hence a more expensive machine. Also, certain materials that require high injection pressures may require higher tonnage machines. The size of the part must also comply with other machine specifications, such as clamp stroke, platen size, and shot capacity.

The cycle time will effect plastic injection molding cost, cycle time can be broken down into the injection time, cooling time, and resetting time. By reducing any of these times, the production cost will be lowered. The injection time can be decreased by reducing the maximum wall thickness of the part and the part volume. The cooling time is also decreased for lower wall thicknesses, as they require less time to cool all the way through.

Several thermodynamic properties of the material also affect the cooling time. Lastly, the resetting time depends on the machine size and the part size. A larger injection molding part will require larger motions from the machine to open, close, and eject the part, and a larger machine requires more time to perform these operations.

Injection Plastic Mold Cost

Third, the injection plastic mold cost has two main components – the mold base and the machining of the cavities. The cost of the mold base is primarily controlled by the size of the part’s envelope and design feature. A larger plastic injection molded part requires a larger mold, more expensive mold base. the complex part design requires complex plastic molds, that will effect the mold cost.

The cost of machining the cavities is affected by nearly every aspect of the part’s geometry, complex mold cavity requirement lots of CNC machining cost and time, that will increase the plastic injection mold cost, on the other hand will increase the plastic injection molding cost as well.

The primary cost driver is the size of the cavity that must be machined, measured by the projected area of the cavity (equal to the projected area of the part and projected holes) and its depth. Any other elements that will require additional machining time will add to the cost, including the feature count, parting surface, side-cores, lifters, unscrewing devices, tolerance, and surface roughness.

The quantity of parts also impacts the plastic injection mold cost. A larger production quantity will require a higher class mold that will not wear as quickly. The stronger mold material results in a higher mold base cost and more machining time.

One final consideration is the number of side-action directions, which can indirectly affect the plastic injection molding cost. The additional cost for side-cores is determined by how many are used. However, the number of directions can restrict the number of cavities that can be included in the mold. For example, the mold for a part that requires three side-action directions can only contain two cavities. There is no direct cost added, but it is possible that the use of more cavities could provide further savings.

Injection molding Color Cost

Forth, the injection molding color is also cost effect to the plastic injection molding product, normally does not have too much effect, but this is still depending on which part color do you require if you need white color for your injection molding parts, then the cost will be 10% more than another color, if you require clear color (clear plastic molding molding ) molding parts, then the cost will be 25-40% high than normal color molded parts.

When you need white color injection molding parts, then the molding shop needs to clean the barrel very well, and not allow any other color max in this injection unit and material, this will take time and waste some material, and the other thing is the waste rate will be increased, that is the reason the white color plastic molded parts is little high than other colors.

When you are looking for transparent injection molding parts like PC injection molding, PMMA injection molding, or PS molding parts, the molding shop needs use special injection unit to produce this type of molding parts, they need to clear the unit barrel very well and use some good quality injection molding machine to produce the clear plastic molding parts, because any tiny molding defects on the transparent molding parts will be easy to identify.

So you need to make the best quality molding parts, the waste rate is higher, and need to use the high tech injection molding machine, and all of those are more costly than normal molding production.

Injection molding packing cost

If your injection molded parts have special packing requriement, then there will be additional cost as well, small size of molding part will be less packing cost than big size of injection molded parts, special packing materials will increase the packing cost as well, so you need think about about how to pack your injection molded products when you order the molded parts from your supplier.

Plastic Injection molding Cost Estimating mothed- mold and molding parts cost

1. Feature-based estimate

This feature-based cost estimator is for the plastic molding of production quantities (over 10,000 units), where more durable and costly tooling can be used due to its small impact on the per-part cost. The material cost is estimated from the part geometry and uses current material prices.

For the production cost, a compatible injection molding machine is selected from a database of over 50 machines and the cycle time is estimated from the part geometry, material properties, and machine specifications.

For the tooling cost, a suitable mold base is selected using standard mold dimensions and mold classes, and the required mold machining is estimated from the part geometry and other user specifications. These three costs (material, production, and tooling) are calculated for 4 different cavity arrangements (1, 2, 4, and 8 cavities) and the most cost-effective option is provided.

2. Low volume injection molding cost estimate

This feature-based cost estimator is for the injection molding of low volumes (under 10,000 units), where rapid tooling methods (high-speed machining of Class 104 molds) are used to create the mold due to the large impact on the per-part cost. The material cost is estimated from the part geometry and uses current material prices.

For the production cost, a compatible injection molding machine is selected from a database of over 50 machines and the cycle time is estimated from the part geometry, material properties, and machine specifications.

For the plastic tooling cost, a suitable mold base is selected using standard mold dimensions, and the required mold machining is estimated from the part geometry and other user specifications. These three costs (material, production, and tooling) are calculated for 4 different cavity arrangements (1, 2, 4, and 8 cavities) and the most cost-effective option is provided.

3. Standard estimate

This standard plastic injection molding cost estimator does not require any part geometry but requires more process parameter inputs to calculate a more accurate estimate. The material cost is estimated from the part and runner volumes, an up-to-date material database with pricing, and customizable process parameters.

For the production cost, the cycle time must be specified, as well as the machine rate and labor rates. After adding the mold cost, a detailed cost breakdown is provided for the material, production, and tooling costs.

4. Plastic mold cost estimate

This feature-based cost estimator calculates the mold cost for plastic molding. Based on the part geometry and mold requirements, such as the number of cavities, a suitable mold base is selected using standard mold dimensions. The required mold machining is estimated for the selected SPI mold class and rapid plastic tooling methods may be chosen for a Class 104 mold or so low volume products.

Hope all of that information could help you to get an idea about the cost idea for your project, are you ready to have your project start working on plastic injection molding, welcome to send us your requirement for quotation, we will quote you completely mold and molding price, you will have a complete plan for your project.

Injection molding cost

Injection molding Cost Reduction Strategies

Cost reduction is a critical aspect of injection molding that can significantly impact a company’s profitability. Implementing effective cost reduction strategies can help businesses optimize their manufacturing processes and reduce expenses without compromising quality. Here are some cost reduction strategies to consider:

  1. Material Selection: Choosing cost-effective materials is an effective way to reduce injection molding costs. Alternative materials such as recycled or bio-based materials can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly. However, it’s essential to balance cost savings with material quality and performance requirements.
  2. Part Design Optimization: Designing parts for manufacturability and cost efficiency is critical. Simplifying part geometries, minimizing undercuts, and reducing material waste can help lower production costs without compromising functionality. By collaborating with designers and engineers, businesses can optimize part design for cost reduction.
  3. Tooling Optimization: Efficient tooling design and construction are essential for cost reduction. Regular maintenance, proper cooling, and repair of molds can extend their lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and associated expenses. By investing in high-quality tooling and implementing efficient maintenance practices, businesses can reduce tooling costs.
  4. Production Volume Optimization: Striking the right balance between cost and demand is key to optimizing production volume. Analyzing market trends, forecasting demand, and implementing flexible manufacturing strategies can help businesses scale production up or down as needed, minimizing costs. By optimizing production volume, businesses can reduce setup and tooling expenses while maintaining quality and delivery times.
  5. Automation: Automating injection molding processes can help reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency. By implementing automation technologies such as robotics and sensors, businesses can optimize production and reduce expenses associated with manual labor.
  6. Lean Manufacturing: Implementing lean manufacturing principles can help eliminate waste and reduce costs. By analyzing and optimizing production processes, businesses can identify areas of waste and inefficiency and implement strategies to reduce them. Lean manufacturing can help reduce expenses associated with material waste, setup times, and labor costs.


Reducing injection molding cost is critical for businesses aiming to optimize their manufacturing processes and maximize profitability. By implementing effective cost reduction strategies such as material selection, part design optimization, tooling optimization, production volume optimization, automation, and lean manufacturing, businesses can reduce expenses without compromising quality. By continuously analyzing and refining these strategies, companies can stay competitive in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.

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