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Top 10 Plastic Injection Molding Companies Near Me

Are you looking for the best plastic injection molding companies near me in 2024? Look no further! Below is a list of the best and most certified plastic injection molding companies. Injection molding is an innovative plastic fabrication technique widely used for mass production. It entails the process of forcing molten plastics into molds to produce a large number of similar products in a production line. Quality is always a priority, so we are focused on identifying the best injection molding company available near you. So, let’s explore your top best plastic mold tooling companies in this blog post.

The manufacturers mentioned below were selected based on providing consistent support to their valued customers. This criteria includes

  • The consistent supply of raw materials
  • Compliance Licensing and certification requirements.
  • Pricing strategies that are competitive in the market.
  • High-quality production of goods.

Here’s the list of top 10 plastic injection mold molding companies near the world location, youo can refer which plastic molding company near your area.

1. Dongguan Sincere Tech Co.

plastic injection molding companies near me

Year Established: 2015

Location: Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, China


Dongguan Sincere Tech Co., Ltd is a reputable company that offers high-standard quality solutions and is committed to satisfying its clients in the plastic molding sector. Dongguan Sincere Tech has provided the best-in-class on-demand plastic injection molding services in die casting, machining, and surface finish to various industries for over 19 years. They care about their valued customers and offer NDA and excellent customer service for good customer-client relationships.

From appropriate raw materials choice to streamlining part manufacturing projects, their faculty provides exceptional services from a wider prospect. Sincere Tech has a wide product portfolio including molds for electronics, household appliances, medical devices, and many more. Moreover, they also offer other services such as 3D printing, CNC machining, aluminum die casting, plastic product designing, and prototype manufacturing.

Sincere Tech is one of the top 10 plastic injection molding companies near me if you are looking for plastic injection molding companies in China.

2. Rosti GP Germany

plastic injection molding company

Year Founded: 1944 

Location: Malmö is the capital of Skane County in Sweden. 

Number of Employees: 1,001-5,000 

Rosti GP Germany is a leading company that specializes in offering services such as plastic injection molding, manufacturing of plastics, technical engineering, and design support services and it is located in Malmö, Sweden. Rosti was established in 1944 and it has a strong international network that includes partners in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Turkey, China, and Malaysia, and has around 3,500 employees.

Rosti provides injection moulding solutions for a broad range of industries such as industrial, packaging, consumer appliances, business machines, automotive and medical industries. Being a one-stop solution partner, Rosti is a reliable option for top OEMs globally since they offer finished products with precision parts and sub-assemblies. Rosti is one of top 10 plastic injection molding companies near me if we are lookng for  German molding companies.

3. Xometry Enterprise

plastic injection molding company

Founded Year: 2015 

Location of Office: Washington DC Metro / Maryland, USA 

Business Type: Plastic Molding Manufacturer 

Products & Services: Injection Molding Services, Plastic Injection Molding, Plastic Surface Finishing 


Company Profile

Xometry Enterprise is one of top 10 plastic injection molding companies in the USA that specializes in high-value manufacturing and efficient supply chain management. Xometry was founded in 2015 and has since assembled a network of over 10,000 manufacturing partners for plastic injection molding, which means it has almost unlimited capacity. This vast network makes it possible for Xometry to cover the entire production process from the validation of new prototypes to production runs. Xometry is committed to helping its clients achieve their growth objectives through offering the best plastic molding services.

Xometry is one of the best plastic injection molding companies near me if we are sinking for USA OEM plastic injection molding contract manufacturing companies.


Year Established: Not specified 

Location: Marinha Grande, Portugal 

Company Type: Manufacturer/Producer 

Main Products/Services: Bi-material molds, gas injection molds (GID), tandem/sandwich molds, rotational molds, insert molding, and molds with high geometric complexity. 

Company Size: 11-50 employees 


Company Profile: 

SKYTEC is a company that focuses on the production of moulds for the plastic injection sector, with high levels of complexity. Their specialty is bi-material molds, gas injection molds (GID), tandem/sandwich molds, rotational molds, and insert molding. They are involved in the design, development, and production of the product from the conceptual stage, through the creation of prototypes, engineering, and manufacturing to the try-out, validation, and production of parts, and even after-sale service.

SKYTEC has the capability to produce up to 40 tons of products and has a 2000 m² production area with state-of-the-art equipment for various industrial segments. Based in Marinha Grande, the largest plastic injection and moulding sector cluster in Europe, SKYTEC has NP ISO 9001 accreditation.


Year Established: 2001 

Location: 110 Middle Road #07-03a, Chiat Hong Building, Singapore 188968 

Company Type: Service Provider 

Main Products/Services: Product Design & Injection Mold Design Services, Precision Moulds for Automobile, Office Equipment, Technical and Consumer Products 

Company Size: 1 – 10 employees 


Company Profile:  

RIGHT DESIGN SERVICES provides injection mold design services to the mold-making, molding and manufacturing industries for over a decade. They primarily focus on precision moulds and serve automotive, office interior equipment and consumer products industries. Moreover, they offer end-to-end solutions from design to production to deliver quality concepts and manufacturing solutions for intricate components. RIGHT DESIGN SERVICES is a small team that aims at providing unique solutions and keeping close contact with the clients. The company is mainly focused on the export market, and only 20% of its products are sold domestically.

There are a leading plastic injection molding company near me if we are looking for plastic injection molding companies in the Singapore.


Manufacturing Services: Injection Parts, Plastic Packaging

Location: Yablanitsa, Industrial Zone, kv 106, 5750, Bulgaria 

Year Established: 2020 

Company Type: Manufacturer/Producer 

Main Products/Services: Injection molding, Injection stretch blow molding, Printing on plastic parts, Ultrasonic welding, Blister packing, Assembly of products 

Company Size: 51 and 100 employees. 


Company Profile: 

GDI Corporation was founded in 2020 and is located in Bulgaria; the company specializes in injection molding, injection stretch blow molding, and printing on plastic parts. We work in a clean room environment that is ISO 14644-1 certified with class 8 air cleanliness for medical plastic bottles and components. Their services include manufacturing of plastic parts in different sizes and materials like PP, PE, PET, TPE, silicone, PC, PS, and ABS.

They also provide printing services using genuine inks and high-quality production machines in the market. GDI Corporation aims at providing quality products and provides solutions in manufacturing that suit the requirements of the industry.

Advantages of Partnering with GDI CORPORATION: 

  • Cleanroom manufacturing
  • Various plastic molding possibilities
  • Printing and finishing services
  • Certified quality standards
  • Customized manufacturing solutions

They offer services include injection molding, blow molding, printing, ultrasonic welding, blister packaging, and assembly among others. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 for medical products, SMETA 2 Pillar, and Lego SQP. We also provide solutions in logistics, product development, product modeling, graphical interface, packaging, storage, and delivery.

7. HTP EUROPE – Plastics Injection and Ultrasound Systems


Year Established: 1954

Location: 38 Rue de la Barrière de Fer, 7711 Dottignies, Belgium 

Company Type: Manufacturer/Producer 

Main Products/Services: Plastic injection, injection blowing, matrices, moulds and tools 

Company Size: Small business: 11 – 50 employees 


Company Profile: 

HTP Europe was established in 1954 and is a market leader in the field of plastic injection, injection blowing, and matrices, moulds, and tools production having over a 60 years of experiece. Their primary services include injection of technical parts, injection blowing (IBM and ISBM) of plastic and composite material bottles in aseptic conditions. They specialize in insert overmolding, metal finishing, textile or flexible TPE/TPU/SEBS materials.

They assemble plastic components through welding processes like ultrasound, mirror, and vibration or bonding. Moreover, they use a variety of thermoplastic materials, including reinforced glass or carbon fibers. HTP Europe provides solutions to medical and pharmaceutical fields, food industry, aviation, electrical, and safety industries. From a quality management perspective they are certified to ISO 9001 and EN 9100 standards.

Their Diverse Services Range:

  • Ultrasound systems for processing plastics
  • Injection moulding of rubber and plastic
  • Industrial plastic products
  • Automotive, furniture, clothing, electrical, and electronics industries use plastic products for their production.

Advantages of Partnering with HTP EUROPE

  • More than 60 years of experience in the industry
  • Specialization in plastic injection and ultrasound equipment
  • Quality assurance and accreditation
  • The company deals with a wide range of thermoplastic materials.

HTP Europe is one of top 10 plastic injection molding companies near me if we are looking for plastic injection molding companies in Europe.

    8. NOCENTE S. A – Custom Mould Design for Plastic Injection

    Location: 27 Rue Hector Blanchet, Voiron, Isère, France 38500 

    Year Established: 1973 

    Company Type: Manufacturer/Producer 

    Main Products/Services: Moulds for plastic and rubber industry 

    Company Size: 11-50 people 


    Company Profile: 

    NOCENTE S. A, an Italian company with over 50 years of experience in the plastic injection molding field. They offer services in the creation of compression and injection moulds for thermoplastic and thermo hardening materials. Their in-house design engineering department with CAD, RDM, and MoldFlow rheology facilities, along with a production factory in France, provide clients with high quality custom manufacturing solutions for mould design and production.

    Moreover, they provide solutions for small to large scale projects up to 10 tonnes including fine tuning on presses and maintenance. Also, they offer hybrid fabrication solutions through their dealers in Europe and Asia, smooth designs and adjustments done at engineering design office solutions.

    Diverse Services Provided By NOCENTE S. A:  

    • Moulds for plastic and rubber industry
    • Thermoplastic moulding
    • Steel dies and aluminium moulding Steel dies and aluminium moulding Steel dies and aluminium moulding Steel dies and aluminium moulding
    • Plastic injection 3D modeling
    • Industrialization of compounds and plastics processing
    • Injection tooling and mould manufacturing

    Feel free to contact us for more information regarding their services and for any special needs you may have.

      9. APEAK INDUSTRIAL CO. , LTD. – Custom Plastic Injection Moulding Solutions

      Location: Xitun dist. , Taichung City, Taiwan

      Year Established: 1978 

      Company Type: Manufacturer/Producer 

      Main Products/Services: Plastic injection moulds, plastic injection moulding parts, silicone/rubber moulds, silicone/rubber moulding parts 

      Company Size: Small business: 11-50 employees 


      Company Profile: 

      APEAK INDUSTRIAL CO. has been in the business of injection molding for 40 years in the manufacturing of plastic injection moulds and plastic moulding parts. Their prestige to offer reliable solutions to improve your manufacturing operations. They are unique in their ability to develop new, high-quality products that meet market needs and consumer demands at every stage of the product life cycle. They have professional knowledge, advanced technology, and a dynamic team to provide high-quality and competitive customized plastic products.

      Their  business activities include the manufacturing of plastic injection moulds, plastic injection moulded parts, silicone/rubber moulds, and silicone/rubber moulded parts.

      Business Scope: 


      • Plastic injection moulds & moulding parts
      • Silicone/rubber moulds
      • Silicone/rubber moulding parts

      More than ten years of experience in tooling construction for the European/Oceania regions 

      Export to Europe 70%, Oceania 20%, America 5%, and others 5%.  They have a professional project team for direct customer communication to fulfil their project needs efficiently.

      APEAK INDUSTRIAL CO is one of top 10 mold manufacturers in China that offer mold manufacturing and molding prodcution.

      10. CraftMach Engineered Solutions Inc.

      Location: 1176 Ouellette Avenue, N9A 6S9, Canada

      Year Established: N/A 

      Company Type: Manufacturer/Producer 

      Main Products/Services:  Casting Metal Parts , CNC Machined/Turned Parts, Plastic Injection Moulding Nozzle Tip , Pump Casting Parts 

      Company Size: 51 – 100 employees 

      Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485 for medical products, SMETA 2 Pillar, Lego SQP 


      Company Profile: 

      CraftMach Engineered Solutions Inc. is a company located in Canada that offers various engineering solutions. Their major products are casting metal parts, CNC machined parts, machining turning parts, nozzle tips for plastic injection moulding and pump casting parts. We offer solutions for various industries in terms of manufacturing and provide innovative and quality solutions.


      Advantages of Partnering with CraftMach Engineered Solutions Inc. : 

      • Casting and machining solutions are some of the products offered by the company and they include a diverse range of products.
      • Customized manufacturing capabilities
      • High precision and quality standards
      • They have specialized in plastic injection moulding components
      • Logistics centres for efficient distribution


      Additional Services: 

      Supply Chain and Logistic Management 

      Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) 

      Just In Time (JIT) Delivery 

      Product Development and Modeling 

      Packaging, Storage and Delivery Solutions 

      CraftMach Engineered Solutions Inc. is an organization that is focused on delivering quality engineering solutions to their clients in order to meet their needs. We are committed to providing quality, accuracy, and creativity in order to achieve success in different fields.

      Key Takeaways

      Plastic molds have become an essential tool for many organisations in production. On the globe, many compnaies deal in plastic molds, and they offer different services that distinguish them and attract different clients.

      So, it’s always important to do research on the company that one intends to work with to ensure that the products produced are of high quality. Evaluate their manufacturing processes to determine their capacity to deliver on your expectations. Especially in light of the current pandemic, it is recommended to work with a company that provides tools for remote meetings and idea presentations. If you are searching for a reliable and trusted plastic mold injection company near me, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      China has become a major destination for Plastic Injection Mold and molding parts service. Lower prices are the primary incentives for many foreign buyers. The majority of foreign buyers find challenges sourcing plastic injection molding from China. The major strains are on how to buy, how to evaluate quality, or how to identify a reliable source.

      Many things go wrong in case of compromise in the purchase process. For example, delayed delivery, frauds, low quality, weakness of communication (both on language and technical), and other problems may be encountered. To avoid such frustrations, the following is a process of how a buyer would purchase plastic injection molding from China. Hope this could help you find your best suitable supplier

      Identify a Reliable Plastic Molding Manufacturer

      Currently, there are many mold manufacturing companies in China. You need to determine which supplier is reliable. Some of the factors to consider include, mold price, quality, quantity, accessory standard, communication, lead times, and the mold design, among other factors.
      Using the World Wide Web, you can easily find a wide range of plastic molding suppliers from the internet, sourcing agents, and trade shows, etc.

      It is important to contact several suppliers before making a decision on a suitable supplier.
      Buy Plastic Injection molding from China

      Evaluate the Various Mold/Molding Manufacturers

      Conducting market research on the various plastic molding manufacturers helps to find a suitable fit for the business. So how can one evaluate the Chinese mold makers to identify a reliable source?
      Sending inquiries helps the evaluation process. You should focus on asking questions that evaluate the core competence of the plastic molding companies.
      A good supplier is one that shows interest in your projects, has effective communication, knowledgeable, detail-minded, and honest. The evaluation should target to identify the salient attributes of the supplier, for example, what is advantages do they have, is it suitable for your project? Have they done any similar projects like yours? All of the information will help to make your project smoothly or not.

      Information Verification

      Not all manufacturers are who they say they are. The customer should be able to verify the plastic molding manufacturer. Some of the information that can be verified include:

      • Type of mold parting line
      • The type of ejection modes, whether pins are used and the particular locations,
      • Surface requirement on the visible surface
      • The location and type of gates

      Such information helps to verify the mold designs and product appearance. the most important thing is basing on this discussing with each other you will know their communication and technology ability. A supplier that verifies the information and offers samples is reliable.

      Analysis of Production Issues that may Arise

      A good plastic molding supplier should communicate the issues in advance and concerns that may arise in the production process, and actions are taken to address the issue. A good injection mold company should analyze the current design and offer rational recommendations, we call this DFM report.
      Some of the important questions that help identify some of the issues include;

      • Have you produced similar molds/products before?
      • What were the challenges encountered?
      • Can you send your quality control inspection report?
      • How do you address the issues that arise?
      • Do you offer compensation for compromises?

      With all the information, you should already have identified which Chinese molding company to source from.

      Firm/Supplier Site Visit 

      Depending on the quantity of supply sourced, visiting the supplier may be important. For large quantities of plastic molding service, traveling to China should be a basic step. The objective is to analyze samples and evaluate the reliability of the supplier.

      Go to their plastic molding company on site to communicate with them face to face, then you will know how the technical skill, English ability, etc.  But mostly not always have time to check their mold factory, so we suggest you may ask for a skype video shows if you have no time to visit them.

      At SINCERE TECH will take Skype video meeting to show you around our plastic mold and molding factory if you have no time to visit our factory, our sales and project manager speak good English and have the professional technical skill, you will know this during the video shows. if you are interested in our service, you are welcome to contact us.

      Maker A Contract

      Importing products from China and Asian nations can be risky and complicated. Contracts are antidotes against the common mistakes and issues that may arise. It is essential for buyers to get into a contract for the following reasons;

      • To maintain clarity on product specifications and avoid misunderstandings. The specifications of the product can be easily lost in Skype or mail communication.
      • Compensation terms help suppliers to think twice about compromise.
      • Contracts help to communicate on how severe your business is
      • It helps to avoid delays

      The first time you work with a China plastic injection molding company (same to work with your local supplier), you should always make agreements on contracts to avoid scams and fraud. Suppliers who default the negotiations should be responsible for making refunds and necessary compensations.

      7.Payment and Delivery

      Based on the set agreement, the amount can be paid by one time or two times ( maybe more times). The payment method depends on the agreed strategy. Some companies make payments via Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, Western Union, Cheque, or other policies. Our standard payment term is T/T wire transfer. If the small amount. PayPal is still available,  this is method is normally working for all of the companies in China, especially for custom plastic molding manufacturing service.

      Concluding Thoughts 

      Buying plastic molding from China can be challenging. However, if you follow the seven steps, the process is easy and with no compromise. when you find your reliable partner from China, then your business will be increased rapidly, this is verified by lots of companies like Apple, and other car companies (over 80% of car companies buy their auto car molds from China), etc.

      Doing online businesses have fraudulent operations. You should be cautious on the approach of doing business online to avoid frustrations, lots of company doing online business with China and successful to the business, also some of the customers had issues when doing business with Chinese manufacturers, or even have issues with your local supplier as well, do you agree?  The above steps could help you avoid this issue and the success of your business.

      Need any plastic injection mold/molding companies from China? Contact us now, you will find out we are your best partner in China. Welcome to talk with us on any questions.